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Workshop med Michael Bartelle lördagen den 29 februari

Det är ett stort nöje att meddela att Michael Bartelle kommer tillbaka till Sverige. Michael är en stor inspiratör för mig och jag är väldigt glad över att han kommer och gästar studion.

Michael håller ljuvliga klasser med mycket värme och lekfullhet, dessutom har han en magisk röst med ett vibrato som bara måste upplevas på plats.


Ta tillfälle i akt att svepas med och bli vägledd på mattan av denna härliga själ!

Embracing Change with Michael Bartelle

This workshop will focus on how yoga, meditation, and relaxation can help us to move gracefully through the transitions in our lives. Whether it is a change of job, home, relationship, or life season—our practices and routines can help us to let go of what is no longer serving us, and to embrace the goodness that new life can offer. 

The workshop will begin with a simple, fun, grounding asana practice, followed by a clarifying and centring meditation. After a fika pause, we will reconvene for an uplifting conversation about how yoga philosophy can help give us a perspective in moments of transition. We will end our day with a restorative and yoga nidra practice, allowing us to relax into something new and wonderful. 

Plats: Olismo Yoga, Bomgatan 7 Göteborg

Tid: Lördagen 29 februari 13.00-18.00

Investering: 1200:- 


Workshopen hålls på Engelska.


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Varmt välkomna! 

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Michael Bartelle started his relationship with yoga 20 years ago. He has taught and mentored in several Ishta 200- and 300-hour trainings in New York City, London, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Berlin. He studied both Ishta Yoga and Marma Therapy in a close apprenticeship with Alan Finger for five years before moving to Europe.


He also holds a Masters Degree in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS, University of London. He continues to research and write extensively on the philosophy of embodied consciousness and yoga.


Taking after his teacher, Michael aims to fill his lectures and lessons with both philosophical depth and lighthearted humour. Light and gratitude to the teachers and the lineage of Ishta, and to all who bring consciousness and love into the world.

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