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Go deeper with Yogiraj Katrina Repka

5 Day Workshop on Opening from the Ground Up, Finding Freedom, and
Bringing Inspiration and Grounding to your Practice

Join Yogiraj Katrina Repka in Gothenburg for this five day workshop aimed at
balancing energy, and going deeper into the philosophy and practice of yoga.
Through practice and theory, we will explore how to work with moving and
balancing our energy, and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the
forces that govern us. Through the lens of ISHTA, and its main pillars of
Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda, we will look closely at the science of the tattvas,
and both individual and Universal consciousness.

This workshop is open to experienced practitioners who are wanting to take their practice to the next level.

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When: June 26th- June 30th 2024


Where: Olismo Yoga, Bomgatan 7, Göteborg



Wednsday - Saturday 10.30-17.00

Sunday 10.30-16.00


Investment all five days: 8500:- SEK

The training will be taught in English


Note: Registrations are non refundable 


For questions and registration contact

Katrina Bio:


I have been studying yoga since 1990 and teaching since 2001. My early training was in Ashtanga yoga, but I have been primarily influenced by the unique blend of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda—ISHTA Yoga—that is the creation of Yogiraj Alan Finger, with whom I study and work closely. In 2009, Alan conferred on me the title of Yogiraj. This means that I maintain the highest standard of yoga knowledge and teaching in the ISHTA yoga lineage, and it is a very great honour.


I teach for a wide range of needs and abilities. My private clients have included bankers, actors, athletes, pre- and post- natal women, mummies and babies, and the chronically ill. I have taught group classes from Beginner to Advanced.

Having moved to New York City from my native Canada, from 2001-2005 I taught private individuals, group classes, and teacher trainings at Be Yoga/Yoga Works. In the spring of 2006 I moved to London, where I continue to teach group and private classes in Notting Hill. These days my main focus is teacher training and mentoring teachers, and running advanced ISHTA retreats and workshops both in London and internationally.

My hope and aim in teaching yoga is to facilitate personal transformation, inside and out. Correct alignment through asana is the key to creating harmony and balance in the body, whilst pranayama and meditation are essential for inner peace and connection to spirit. Blending the ancient and contemporary sciences of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda, ISHTA teaching caters to the individual student’s needs with intelligence and authenticity.

I have a masters degree in Communications and have written articles for Yoga Magazine UK, as well as a weekly yoga column in Metro newspapers worldwide. I have also been featured in Telegraph, The New York Times, Elle, Guardian, Tatler, BBC, Grove, Yoga Journal, Time Out London, and Vogue.

Read more about Katrina on her website

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